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Welcome to the game WIKI. Here you will find some notes on character creation & gameplay.

Character Generation:
This system is elegantly simple, really. Characters consist of a concept, attributes, personality, and skills, instead of being pigeonholed into any particular class. This allows for a ton of customization and more “Role-playing”, instead of “Roll-Playing”.

I allow full creativity here, with two exceptions: Absoflogginglutely no Readers, and no Alliance Operatives. This is non-negotiable, so don’t even try to ask. Anything else is fair game, at the GM’s discretion. Feel free to do things like combine traditional roles later in the creation process, through skills (ig: A seemingly peaceful shepherd with a dark secret in his past who has the ability to be quite capable in a fight.

No real surprises here. There are three Physical stats and three Mental ones.

  • Agility: Speed, gracefulness
  • Strength: Physical might
  • Vitality: Toughness, resistance to disease/poison, etc…
  • Alertness: How aware of your surroundings, how perceptive you are.
  • Intelligence: Smarts
  • Willpower: Strength of personality

Heroic Level Greenhorn receives 42 points to spend, by two’s, with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12.

A player decides that he wants to create a Mob Soldier. He prioritizes Strength, Vitality, and Willpower and assigns values to those and the remaining attributes accordingly.

Boris Ivanovich, Russian Enforcer
AGI: 6
STR: 10
VIT: 8
ALE: 6
INT: 4
WIL: 8
Total: 42

Traits (Assets/Complications)
This is where you choose certain Assets that boost your abilities in areas like combat and social skills, and where you purchase complications like food allergies and social disadvantages. You are not limited in playing your character’s personality to Assets and Complications.

At Heroic Level: Greenhorn, assets and complications are limited to three each, with one free minor asset granted. Any asset purchases beyond the free one must be balanced with equivalent complications.

Note: The Leaky Brainpan complication is not allowed. Also, the GM reserves the right to veto certain character traits in the interest of balance and party cohesion.

Heroic Level: Greenhorn characters are allotted 62 skill points to spend by two’s.
There are two types of skills: Generic, which can be purchased up to 6, and specialties, which can be purchased after the generic skill is maxed out.

Going back to Boris, the player decides that he wants his mob enforcer to be handy with a variety of different melee weapons, and especially good with knives. He chooses:

  • Melee Weapons 6
    • Clubs 8
    • Knives 10

Purchasing Melee Weapons to 6 costs 6 points. Choosing the Club specialty and raising it to 8 costs another 2 points, and adding the knives specialty to 10 costs another 4, for a total of 12 points spent on Melee Weapons. He has 50 points left to allocate to other skills.

First Session: 1/10-2015
Character Gen, Introduction
Second Session: 1/31/15

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